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Little Whispers


Welcome to Little whispers Sanctuary....We are a Coffee shop with a difference
We read the leaves left over in you're tea cup

How it works

Order you're cup of tea, coffee or Hot Chocolate along with a piece of cake.
Enjoy you're cuppa and chat with friends.
one of our fantastic readers will come along and read the tea cup.

The cost of a reading a cake and a hot drink is £9.75

Q. What if i don't like tea
A. No problem you can have you're coffee read or hot chocolate

Q. What if i don't like hot drinks
A. No problem we can do a one card reading instead for the same price when you purchase a soft drink instead of a hot drink.

Q. Is it loose tea?
A. We have adapted the process so we can use tea bags instead.
Simply make you're tea the way you like it and keep the tea bag on the side, we will then ask you to break the tea bag open and pour you're leaves into the empty cup.
Every reader has different ways of reading you're leaves so they will keep you right on the way they prefer you prepare the leaves.
Sometimes whilst we are reading the leaves you're loved ones in the spirit world may also pop along to say hello if this is the case the reader will let you know and give you a short message from you're loved one.